This is CrossFit for most of us. A baseline program designed for overall physical fitness and health. This is where 80% of our athletes fall. This program is designed to meet you where you are and help you develop a fitness base. This means focusing on increasing strength and mobility while conditioning your body to get in shape.

Athletes that want to:

  • Get in the best shape of their life
  • Improve flexibility
  • Build endurance
  • Feel good
  • Look great
  • Develop an understanding of nutrition for athletes
  • Obtain great health markers (evidenced in blood work, body composition, etc.)
  • Learn physical skills which are practical in real life situations
  • Have a great time working out with good people
  • Be physically prepared for demanding professions (military, school athletics, law enforcement, parenthood, etc.)
  • Be mentally prepared for demanding professions (learn discipline, focus, composure, etc.)

Prerequisite: Training Camp or comparable CrossFit experience (for Training Camp explanation see index below)

Weekly Time Commitment: 3-6 hrs.

Weekly Program: CrossFit WOD 3-6 days


Sport is for some who has done CrossFit for more than 6 months. They have their baseline movements down. They’re a weekend warrior and occasionally do competitions. They want to do the Open RX and learn higher level skills. This athlete is not wanting to decade his life to CrossFit but wants a little more than the Lifestyle program.

Athletes that want to:

  • Improve their CrossFit skillset
  • Get stronger for WODs
  • PR WODs
  • Train seriously for other sports
  • Compete in local competitions

Prerequisite: Starting Strength or comparable strength program experience (for “Starting Strength” explanation, see index below)

Weekly Time Commitment: 6-8 hrs.

Weekly Program: CrossFit WOD 3-5 days


Both programs meet together at the same time. Community is important and the goal is not to separate the gym into different groups, but to provide the resources members need to make the improvements they desire! Both programs are included in your membership — no extra cost.


CrossFit Rowlett’s Competitors Program is designed specifically for those who have decided to make CrossFit their sport. Athletes who enter the program know what it takes to train 5 days per week, and understand that excellence comes from attention to detail, consistency and constant learning. This program offers athletes additional training time, additional strength work and open gym space so they can focus on improving their CrossFit skill set.

Athletes considering Compete should be proficient in their bodyweight movements, Olympic lifts and should have a competitive level of conditioning to bring it all together.

Athletes that want to:

  • Compete at CrossFit Regionals
  • Compete in The CrossFit Games
  • Commit to a rigorous training schedule
  • Find out how far you can push your body, understanding the answer may be, “too far”

Prerequisite: Coach Approval

Athlete should be able to: perform Oly Lifts efficiently, advanced gymnastic movements, and be in good metabolic condition

Weekly Time Commitment: 12-15 hrs.

Weekly Program:

Competitors Program 5 days a week including Saturdays 7am

Lift Program 5 days a week

CrossFit Kids

CrossFit Kids focuses on teaching core fundamental movements to develop the athlete’s overall ability to move and function in various active environments. This program is for boys and girls of all fitness levels and capabilities ages 5 to 14 years old and is designed to promote fun fitness through games, challenges, and relays.

CrossFit Kids is dedicated to giving kids the opportunity to excel in their fitness and skill level. Whether your young athlete is a beginner to a fitness program or a highly skilled sport specific athlete CrossFit Kids is the training protocol for young individuals seeking a high quality functional fitness programs.

Contact us for more information on how to get started with CrossFit Kids.