CFR Running Program

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CrossFit Running Program

Thanks to all who have joined us in the CFR Running Program so far. The turn out has been great. Below is an update from Coach Stephen along with the programming for the upcoming week.

I wanted to start a running program that anyone can do no matter where they are at in their personal journey. “Running from the Old Me” is something that I came up with a couple of years ago. I eventually want to make it a podcast, my own run program, or race series.

 We’re all running from something. Mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually, or all the above. We are all running to a better version of ourselves, just don’t let the old you catch up. Run to the new you and don’t look back. We are all doing it, we just aren’t talking about it.

Below is something that I wrote a year ago. I’ve wanted to share it, but never knew where or how. I hope it inspires you. If it does, or if you know someone that needs inspiration to get started, please share.

Everyone fears the day they get old and can’t walk, stand up, or climb a set of stairs. Change your life now you won’t have to worry about those things. Stand up and start moving! I don’t care if you can only walk 10 feet. Walk it. Next week shoot or 20. The week after 30. Next thing you know you will walk a mile and won’t believe you were ever at a point where you couldn’t walk 10 feet. Don’t wait until tomorrow, stand up and start moving today. Every step that you take is another step closer to the new you.

Coach Stephen



10x200m/rest 2 mins. between each


8x200m/rest 2 mins. between each



5x800m/rest 2:30 mins. between each


3x800m/rest 3 mins. between each



2 x 1 Mile Time Trial (rest 5 mins. between)

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