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CrossFit workouts are defined as constantly varied functional movements preformed at high intensity. While this is a broad statement you will find this to be the base of Crossfit workouts. Within this base their should always be a focus on what we want to get out of the workout. CrossFit workouts have different focuses and are not all the same, as in constantly varied. It is our job to explain the intent of our workouts to you so you can have a better understanding of how to approach and attack the workout. Workouts have different goals we want to accomplish in order to get the full spectrum of fitness, this might mean longer durations, heavy or lighter weights, shorter rest periods, aerobic and anaerobic, we call these different energy systems. You will notice at the end of the workout where things could feel different as in “my legs felt heavy on that one” or “that one was a breather”. Understanding the focus and target of our workouts will help you become fitter and more knowledgeable about why we do what we do. 

We want to offer you more insight on our workouts so we will be having an overall focus for the month of training. We will always stay true to constantly varied functional movements because it is the best fitness program there is. We are now just showing you more of the why behind the program. This month for October our focus is anaerobic capacity. This means we will be trying to find our maximum output for short durations of work. Using all of our energy in a short period of time then resting and trying as hard to duplicate the output. Our overall goal is to see how we can improve on gaining more output throughout the month. This will be a fun process and we will be having some baseline test to compare ourselves at the beginning and end of the month. Along with the test in class we will be having a fun challenge on your own of 2 minutes of max Burpee and we are asking you to do this short challenge as much as possible during the month of October. If you have any questions or would like to know some more about programming please feel free to ask us. 

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