21 Day Nutrition & Fitness Summer Challenge

By May 30, 2015 No Comments

Welcome to CrossFit Rowlett’s 21 Day Nutrition & Fitness Summer Challenge. The goal is to balance nutrition and fitness, focusing on how both are important to your overall health and success in CrossFit.

In this guide you will find the main “rules” or guidelines to this challenge, a grocery list, and a sample menu for a week. We’ve also included tips for eating out and attending social events.

Every day on Facebook and Instagram we will be sharing daily tips for the challenge. Each day when we share these tips, they should be your main goal for the day. Your daily tips will not only encourage you to stay with this lifestyle and help you learn why we suggest eating this way.

Be sure to follow the blog for fun recipes and even more tips. Use your coaches as a resources during this challenge. We’re ready to go through this journey with you. Each Saturday we’ll be at the gym for thirty minutes following class for a nutrition Q&A.


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