Recover: Yoga is for ALL Athletes

By January 7, 2015 No Comments

If you search “Yoga for …” in Google, you’ll find over ten types of yoga for different athletes such as runners, swimmers, crossfitters, and the list goes on. If this isn’t evidence Yoga isn’t only for “yogis”, consider the athletes who practice yoga in addition to their training programs: LeBron James, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Dwayne Wade and many more. If these pros are seeing the benefits who’s to say yoga isn’t for you too?

When you bring up yoga people often say, “I’m not flexible enough for that.” Many are skeptical when they begin and may think yoga is not their thing, but quickly find the benefits: mobility, strength, flexibility and balance.

Yes, when we look at the typical “yogi” they can bend and mold into different shapes and positions, but this is from practicing with years of experience. Yoga isn’t about being flexible, it’s about opening up the body aiding in mobility and gaining strength in the smaller muscles within the body and connecting the mind to the body. This helps us hone in on what is really happening within us, so we understand when to take a step back from overuse of our body.

The body works mainly on a “one range motion” during running, crossfit, lifting or cycling. Yoga helps the body expanded beyond this motion, allowing the body to become more versatile and mobile, so we can safely practice our sports or workouts.

Yoga is also shown to help prevent injuries, which is why we created our Recovery class. Recovery Yoga can help prevent strains, tightness, or small tares from the hamstrings, calf muscles, hips, and shoulders that are used within our workouts and our every day lives.

Many of the poses that we focus on in our Recover Class will help strengthen and protect the joints and bones in the body. Don’t feel intimated because you are not flexible enough. That’s apart of the class. You will begin to open up and stretch out and in return your body will thank you!