Getting started with CrossFit is simple at CrossFit Rowlett!

STEP ONE: Try Us Out

The first step is to call or email us to set up your free, introductory session. This allows you the opportunity to meet us, and find out firsthand what we do and who we are. There’s really no way for a website to capture the impact CrossFit Rowlett has had on each of our members’ lives. That’s why we want to SHOW you instead. Come train with us, meet our coaches & community, and experience what makes CrossFit Rowlett one of the best gyms in the area.


STEP TWO: Train for Life

Our Group CrossFit program is designed grow your fitness in a systematic and intelligent manner. Out training is completed in specific cycles, is not random, and is designed with our members long term success in mind.

Since 2012, CrossFit Rowlett has been meeting the fitness needs of our diverse community, which include full-time moms, doctors, police, lawyers, fire fighters, entrepreneurs and grandparents. Which is what makes it truly special experience for those who choose to invest their sweat, and hard work into the program.