I Was Wrong About CrossFit

My name is Gina Haddon and I am a contestant on the Biggest Loser season 16. I am going to be as transparent as I can. It doesn’t do us any good for me to candy coat a pickle, well unless it is chocolate!! Being honest!

Exactly one month after my departure from bl16 I was in need of a team. I was looking for a place that I could call home. I was turned loose and expected to win the at home challenge. That meant I needed a safe, supportive, and non-judgmental place to work out. I also needed someone to coach me and believe in me when I didn’t believe in myself. You see I have always been of the mindset that if it looks too hard and is uncomfortable don’t try it. Well that mentality is what got me fat and unhealthy. Yes, I just said FAT! Don’t candy coat it. I was Fat!!! Bones only weigh 8-15 lbs., so don’t go there with the big boned thing mom.

I joined a gym that was new and had all new equipment in it. I loved the way the treadmill felt on my plantar fasciitis stricken feet. I took a couple of classes and loved them. Oh and let’s not forget the sauna.

Well two weeks later I lost my mojo. I almost went into a light but manageable depression. I think I might of just felt lost. I went from having this amazing Team and trainer on the ranch to working out alone with nobody to cheer me on, high five me, or tell me how proud they were of me. Now don’t get it twisted I am not a child and I don’t need a pat on the back all the time, but let’s face it ladies and gentleman when you have someone excited about your progress it feels good and motivates you. We lose focus and forget why we were there to begin with.

I knew that week 3 of this “gym” thing that it was going to be hard but do-able. Then one Friday evening I got a message from a friend that changed everything. He said, “Hey have you ever thought about Crossfit?” I laughed and said, “Stephen, there is no way in hell I am ready for that. I have driven by and seen all those crazy muscle kissing, iron pumping, insane young people.” He told me to just give it a shot. He told me that it was not at all what I thought. I thought about it all night. I had a nervous feeling in my stomach just thinking of walking in the front door. I almost didn’t go. If it wasn’t for my husband offering to go with me and taking me up there I would have chickened out. I kept telling myself WTH Gina you just got off the Biggest Loser you can do anything….Ummm wrong I was so scared. I couldn’t even fake myself out.

I pulled up to the front door and was met by the sweetest girl named Shelby. She could see the fear in my eyes. Hell I’m sure she saw the tear roll down my cheek. She gave me a hug and said, “Don’t be nervous.” She took me inside and introduced me to everyone in the gym.

Everything from that point on was the opposite of what I thought. I had just walked in to my new safe place. You see if you watched the show you would know that I suffer from anxiety and a deep fear of everything that I can’t control. I fear having to do any type of activity where people are watching. I fear the judgment. I also fear a coach telling me to do something and not being able to do it like everyone around me. I think I developed this as an adult. Again when you watched the show you saw me cry on day one when Trainer Jen was throwing the ball to me. I lied!!!!! Yep I said it I LIED. I really wasn’t scared of the ball I was scared that I was going to look stupid and not do it correctly. I didn’t want her to be disappointed in me. In the past I have just walked away from these situations, but I was ready to change because I knew it was causing me to miss out on so many things. I had to start getting comfortable with being uncomfortable. Remember this statement it will change your life.

My first workout was a complete success. My Trainer Andrew took care of me as I would take care of one of my children. He made sure I was doing everything correctly and cheering me on the whole time. He made me laugh and I enjoyed every minute of the workout. He reassured me that what I was doing was exactly what I needed to do to join the regular muscle heads! Now let me just go back to the “muscle heads” for a minute. This is the good part..this is the part that surprised the HELL out of me!

Once again I was 100% wrong about the people in my Crossfit Rowlett . You see, when you drive by and the garage doors are open all you see are big dudes lifting these huge weights. What you can’t see is that strategically placed in the middle are females, moms, Grandmas, grandpas, beginners and teenagers. You see what I didn’t know is all these “muscle heads” are in the back, which is by the garage doors, so that they can help you and cheer you on when you are struggling. They get in the back as a courtesy so that your coach can see you to cheer you on and make sure you get the attention you need. These “muscle heads” are the best cheerleaders ever. They will yell out my name and tell me that I can do it. Yep I said it… they actually learn your names!!! They give me tips and tricks to help me with my workout. These “muscle heads” will also give you a hug when you have had a bad day or just need some words of encouragement. See what I failed to realize was that we all start where we start. And guess what??? Nobody cares! They only care that you care about yourself and that you keep coming back.

You see at my Crossfit Rowlett we are a family. When you don’t come for a couple of days people worry about you. Just ask me I know. I had to go film the Finale and missed 9 days. I couldn’t wait to get back. I don’t know about you, but I have never been that way about a gym before. Just being honest. So first thing is first!!! Get in your gym. Find your home. Find out where it is that makes you want to come back. I just got to throw this out there, Mark Zakem owns my Crossfit. He cares about you and your health. But he also cares if you are smiling and laughing during your workout. Sometimes my abs hurt from laughing at Mark and Andrew. If you have never met him I encourage you to do so. Stop on by and take a class. Hell take a couple. I promise you will come back for the entertainment if nothing else.

So now I must confess:
I Gina Haddon was 100 % wrong about what I thought Crossfit was all about. Of course this is my Crossfit in Rowlett, Tx. With that being said step out on a limb. Get comfortable with being uncomfortable. Because the only way you are going to change is if you take that step! Do it I dare you.

Lets do this thing!
Gina Haddon
Biggest Loser #16

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