Small Steps Every Day – Princess Netherly

My name is Princess Netherly, and April 23, 2015 will mark my third year of doing Crossfit. I’m going to share the good, the bad, and everything in between about my fitness journey.


I tried just about everything to lose weight in my 20’s only to fail after a few weeks. Remember Tae Bo? Tried it. Exercise videos on YouTube? Tried it. For a while I ever tried my own combination of a diet. Let me tell you, that was a major disaster! In college I lived within walking distance of the campus gym. I went for a few weeks then stopped. I fell into a pattern of ups and downs about weight loss.

This is me in January of 2012 at 28 years old during a trip to Florida for a friend’s birthday party.


Let me give you some background on the woman in this picture. This was a woman who had a mindset of ups and downs; be happy for a little bit, hit a rough patch then get disappointed. Just months earlier, I was severely depressed. Not many people knew what was fully going on, since I put on a brave face and did what I needed to do to get through the day. Behind closed doors I gave people who knew what was going on cause to be concerned.

The first time I ever heard of Crossfit was at a bible study with Mark and Kynsie. I remember thinking the name Crossfit sounded a little funny. Someone demonstrated a burpee and my jaw hit the floor in shock. Why would want to do that? In my mind that night I was struggling between wanting to try Crossfit and thinking I could never do it because I had a history of failure.

On a whim I decided to check things out and on April 23, 2012 I walked into Crossfit Rowlett. I couldn’t lift or run. I hardly owned anything to even work out in. On the drive home from that first workout I could feel what little muscles I had get sore. I could barely walk. I returned to Crossfit the next day.

Crossfit has truly changed my life. Over time with each WOD I could see small measures of progress that continue today. I’m so grateful to belong to a gym with caring coaches. Coaches who actually care and will encourage you and lift you up. Coaches that aren’t afraid to tell it like it is sometimes. A good coach is key. Your coach is certified for a reason so listen to them. If they give you some nutrition advice follow through on it. Let’s be honest; discipline and taking correction is a huge part of fitness. You know why my previous attempts at dieting and exercise weren’t successful? I had ZERO discipline. If you have the mindset of a high and mighty know it all your weight loss journey won’t be a successful one. There’s no room for a prideful heart at any Crossfit or other gym in my opinion.

If you can take those small steps every day and learn to step out of your comfort zone you’ll discover you’re stronger and braver than you think. I can remember being so frustrated when a WOD involved running because I’m a slow runner. My coach taught me to break up the distance so it didn’t seem as bad. I’ve learned that not every victory is measured by a scale. Don’t beat yourself up if the scale says you’ve gained a few pounds. You’re gaining muscle, getting stronger, and toning your body.

I’m still on my fitness journey. Last summer I went shopping with a friend, and we were in a store I thought I’d never even stepped into. I was browsing around when a sales associate walked up to me asking if I needed any help. She didn’t look at me like I didn’t belong there. She was so friendly and even suggested I try some things on. That’s when it finally clicked in my head that I had lost weight and could shop anywhere I wanted. It took me two years to stop calling myself fat and saying I’d never be on the same fitness level as others. Crossfit Rowlett created a clothes addicted monster; but since I love to shop I’m not complaining at all.

I could ramble on forever and share stories, but I’ll end this post with the best advice I can give. Find a great Crossfit with a caring community. Don’t listen to critics who will try to discourage you. Measure whatever your goals may be by daily or weekly progress. Nothing worth fighting for will magically happen overnight. Don’t listen when someone says Crossfit is expensive. Yeah it can be pricey. Know what else is expensive? Prescription medication, doctor visits, and a daily routine of unhealthy foods. Stop whining and choose your expensive. Crossfit Rowlett has helped me develop the discipline I need in all areas of life. Step out into the unknown and make a positive change in your life. If I can do Crossfit, then anybody can do Crossfit! Stay encouraged and be blessed.

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