3 Ways to Start Improving your Fitness

 We believe that our job as coaches reaches far beyond the walls of the gym. We are always striving for self-improvement and looking to better the lives of others. This is the empowerment series and its focus is to give you the tools needed to help you in and out of the gym.  There are many ways and areas someone can improve their fitness. This is a very broad statement because fitness itself could mean many things; getting stronger, running faster, picking up things more effectively, not being as tired as your used to be. There are many ways to go about improving your fitness, but when we take a step back and look at the term from a very broad spectrum we can start to do some key things that will help in any avenue of your fitness journey.

Listed below are three areas that if we focus on we can start to see improvement:

1. State Your Goals and Understand Them

If you find yourself doing anything with no real reason you will eventually just being running around in circles. It is important to state why you are doing something and what you intend to get out of it. This will help steer you in the right direction and help you stay clear of things that may knock you off your path. In terms of fitness, we should all know why we are going to the gym every day.  If that reason is to lose weight then we can make a solid plan to help you achieve that goal. If you know your goal then you won’t get distracted by things like you aren’t winning all the workouts or you can’t do all the movements RX. If you go back and check your goal and see that you are losing weight then you are headed in the right path.  This way you can keep following the process and not just jump from one thing to the next and expect something to just happen. Have a goal.  Know why that is your goal.  Follow the process until you have surpassed your goal. This will give you clear direction and a purpose for doing them. 

2. Focus on Your Movement Quality

Often, we can look at a workout and see something that we want to do, but know we are just not ready for it. This may be the weight or it may be a certain movement. This can lead us down a path of trying to find a way to just make it happen.  Even if it looks or feels bad, but just any means necessary to do that movement or get RX on the workout. The movement quality should be first in your mind when thinking of a workout. “What movement or weight can I do effectively and efficiently to make me move well and with intensity in this workout”. Often times looking at the whiteboard for validation of your fitness instead of understanding that your true fitness is unique to you and should be built upon workout by workout. Not in winning a workout or doing the workout RX, but with how well you are doing to progress. This is what is going to take you and your fitness to the next level. Take a step back from competition mode. Doing slow controlled movements during the warm-ups will help you understand the movements better. This is a time to not just go through it, but to take advantage of it and grab a coach to take a closer look. This will always progress your faster than, more weight and faster or any means necessary. 

3. Look at Your Nutrition

We often forget that the foundation of our fitness is built by Nutrition. If you are looking at areas to make immediate changes look at your Nutrition. Many of the questions you may be asking about how you are feeling can be answered with Nutrition. You can always control what you are eating. With that control, you can help yourself improve with the right foods and the right amounts. We need to look at what we are fueling ourselves with before we ask ourselves why we are dragging so much on a workout. Track your intake, and grab a coach and have them look at it. You can track your Nutrition and see how it impacts your goals in fitness.

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