RX is Not Always the Answer

An RX workout or doing the prescribed workout is a sought after accomplishment for many people when it comes to CrossFit. It means that you have the skill and the strength to preform a workout the way it was programmed. There is a common misconception that everyone has gone through at some point in their own fitness journey that this is the end goal. At CrossFit Rowlett we encourage and help people develop goals to push forward and achieve what they thought was not possible. We want to see people reach for goals and ask coaches the path to get to them. In doing so we want everyone to understand their own goals. They might be very different from person to person, but it is important to understand your goal so you will start to understand your path to accomplish it. If we understand our own goals we can develop a plan to reach them.

Most of the time what we see is people just looking at the “RX” and thinking I have to do it this way or I won’t feel like I’m actually doing anything, and this might not help them in achieving their goals at all. When we talk about “RXing” a workout we have to remember that it should not be your goal at the end of the day. What if a workout had no Prescribed measures? What weight would you do? How would you approach the workout differently? What would you do to make it the best workout for you? As coaches the goal for us in a workout is to have you move efficiently and with intensity under your own stimulus. This means that if the workout calls for a handstand push up but you can’t do them effectively or with intensity then scaling that movement to find the intensity is going to help you reach your goals more than sitting and being frustrated that you can’t do them. Scaling is not a bad thing, it lets you be under intensity, it lets you move effectively. When you scale a workout it does not mean you are not capable of that movement, it just means we need more development in that area to preform it effectively and with intensity. When we look at the RX we are sometimes chasing the standard and goals of other people, if person X did this workout RX then I must do this workout RX. We can’t shape our goals through the lens of others, we have to develop and create our own goals.

If everyday you get to push the “RX” button but the workouts take you 30mins or you could only do a few of the movements then we are missing the whole point in CrossFit and the goals of our workouts. Intensity will get you further to where you want to be. Taking a step back will always let you take more steps forward. If your goal is to lose weight and change your body but you are getting stumped by heavy weight or complex movements, take a step back and move through the movements with intensity. Making things more complicated and difficult will not help you progress how you want to. Keeping things simple and effective will always pay off in the long run. Ask your coach, they will help you develop your goal and help you scale the workouts for where you are at. Understand that reaching your goals requires you to understand your path to get their. We want everyone to be able to RX workouts but we want more for everyone to reach their goals. RX workouts are just a term we use not a goal to be reached.

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