Tips for Surviving the Holidays

We are coming to a close in the year and as we wind down the holidays are coming up, family time, parties,  and lots of food choices. This is a wonderful time of year but it can also be a time of year where everyone is running around so much we forget to have balance. Balance is an essential quality to have, it’s not being too strict and it’s not being to lacks, it’s being in the middle and having control of your own choices. It’s no fun to be the person in the room the refuses cake and pies and only eat carrots. It is also no fun waking up on January 2nd asking yourself where all your hard work went from the past year. So finding a balance around the holidays allows you to be flexible while not over indulging. How do you stay flexible during the holidays? Here are some tips to help you stay flexible. 

  • if you are out of town for the holidays, give yourself 20mins a day and do an at-home workout. It’s short, effective, and keeps you feeling good. Here is a good list of workouts.
  • When making your plate at Thanksgiving or a holiday event, load your plate backward, start with the meat and vegetables, then with the room left on the plate go for a side but avoid overloading your plate. 
  • When going for a sweet treat after dinner, think of portions and give yourself something that you really enjoy not just something because it’s there. 
  • If you know you are going to a party the evening with lots of tempting foods, load up and nutritious foods during the first part of your day. Leave your self with some room to indulge later that night. 
  • Plan ahead if you know you are going to a restaurant with the family that evening look up the menu online so you won’t be surprised when ordering and you know what foods will be good for you. 
  • Lastly enjoy yourself! The holidays are a time for fun and family. Relax and take time to enjoy the year and the people that are in your life. Look back at the work you have done this past year and be proud of what you have accomplished. 
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