Why Am I Not Getting Any Better At Crossfit?

This is a question that 99% of us have asked ourselves. It is easy to fall back on this question when you are not seeing the numbers on your weights go up, or the times on your workouts go down. This happens more often after the first initial months of crossfit. You are going and learning the movements and getting better and stronger and then one day you hit a plateau and the improvement slows down. This can be one of the most frustrating times with crossfit. It happens to everyone. Getting ourselves out of this perspective is important. If we want to see continued success and improvement we have to ask ourselves different questions. Letting doubt pour into us by saying “I’m not getting any better” is setting ourselves up for disappointment.

We need to ask ourselves, “have I been doing the same things as when I started?”As in weight on strengths and weights on workouts. “Am I trying out new skills and learning new movements?” Movements like handstand push ups and kipping pull ups. “Have I cleaned up my diet to match to my new lifestyle?” “Have you taken out unwanted sugar and logged down your food?”  “Have I been doing the post workouts and skill work before and after class?” “Have I asked my coach for help in areas I’m struggling with?” “Have I pushed a little harder in a workout when I don’t want to?”

It is easy to sit back and look at a negative perspective on why you are not improving with crossfit. Instead have a positive outlook and reach further for the meaning of why you are not improving. As a coach we are here to help and guide you in the correct direction, we want you to succeed just as much if not more than you yourselves do. Use the coaches as your greatest resource, that is what they are there for. Try out new skills such as getting off a band for pull-ups, or learn more complex gymnastic movements. Try adding some weight in the strength if you feel that your sets are getting easier. Ask a coach about eating better and get them to help you stay accountable on it. Have a game plan for the workouts, push yourself through them don’t just go through the motions.

Small steps lead to giant gains in your improvements. It may not just be one big thing holding you back, but we have to keep taking steps forward and not just say I’m not getting any better. Have a goal for the week that you would like to accomplish, ” I want to go workout 4 times this week and not have sugary drinks”, that can be accomplished in a week. Setting yourself up to take a step forward is important, plan out your day, have a plan for your workout, have a plan for what you are going to eat. Having positive momentum moving forward helps when unexpected things come up in life. If you can’t make it to a workout that day but you have your food ready, or you don’t have food ready but you know what good foods to eat, you now can stay on the path better. Do not let yourself dwell in the negative, that will only lead you down a path of doubt and uncertainty about your fitness journey. Keep a positive mindset, ask yourself the right questions, plan out your days, keep working hard, and never stop moving forward. Fitness is a journey and there is not one person who is where they want to be but everyday is another opportunity to take a step forward.

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