I Don’t Compete. Why Would I Do the Open?

The Open is a fun and exciting experience and we want everyone to be a part of it as well as enjoy it. We have had many questions as to why everyone should sign up, or if they are even ready to take on the Open. The Open is not just for people who want to compete in the sport of CrossFit. It’s for everyone. It may be intimidating to think you are signing up for a “CrossFit competition” but it is no less intimidating than signing up for a 5k.


Am I even ready for the open?

The answer to that is simple, yes! The Open is just like any other workout you have done at CrossFit Rowlett, and we have even done some of the previous year’s open workouts. You may not have even realized it. We are by no means saying the Open is going to be easy, but we can say that the Open is for you. In years past we have had members sign up who were hesitant about some of the advanced movements that come up. When those movements showed up in a workout it became an opportunity for them to tackle their fears of the movement and try it. We have seen double-under happen, pull-ups, and even muscle-ups. The Open gives you an opportunity to try a movement you didn’t think you could do. You will surprise yourself with what you can do! You are ready for the Open. You are already a step ahead of everyone else the day you decided to come to CrossFit. Now you are ready to take another step.

I don’t compete in CrossFit, what’s the point? 

It is a common misconception that you have to be Rich Froning, or one of those muscle heads in the back of them gym to sign up for the Open. You come to class on a regular basis but competing in the sport of fitness really doesn’t sound like your cup of tea. So what is the point of signing up for the Open? The answer to that is, the Open is not about trying to win, the Open is about you. It is easy to see a competition and think, “well the idea is that you have to win right?” with the Open, yes there is a winner but trust me when I say that is not the point of the CrossFit Open. The Open is a competition about you, how far you have come in your journey with fitness, and how far you will go. It is a chance to put yourself out there and compete with what is for many people their biggest enemy, yourself. You don’t have to want to be the fittest person in the world, or even want to compete, the Open is just a chance to push yourself and see how far YOU can go. We know it’s hard to put yourself out there, especially with CrossFit and fitness, but if you do you just might find yourself heading in the direction you want to go.

The Community 

One of the best things that the Open does is bring the community together. Here at CrossFit Rowlett I have never experienced a more fun and encouraging time being a coach. It is amazing to see everyone cheer each other on and push people to places they never thought they could go. The Open brings out the best in our community it is another opportunity to get to know each other and struggle right alongside one another. Every member is very encouraging no matter what level of fitness they are at. Everyone is going through the same workout. It makes you push a little harder when someone is telling you to pick up that bar. This year on Saturdays we want to celebrate the Open and the people who are doing them by making that day all about the open. We will have heat times set up for people who are doing the workout and we will be grilling out and hanging out after. The encouragement that comes from the community during the Open is hard to put in words, you have to experience it to know what I mean.

Sign up! 

We want all of our members to sign up no matter where they are at with their fitness or how long they have been doing CrossFit. Its fun, it’s encouraging, and you build great relationships with the community. It’s easy to look at it and be scared of the workouts or just be scared of putting yourself out there. We know that most of you more than likely felt the same way when you wanted to try out CrossFit, and look at you now. If you have any more questions how to sign up or anything else ask any of our coaches and they will be happy to help you. We are looking forward to a great open season with a lot of fun and memories.

Here is the link to get registered! 2015 CrossFIt Open

 “The Open is an affiliate-driven event. … The fittest men and women in the world are in their membership. The Games winners are representative of the gal that’s lost 100 lb., of the dude that has gotten off blood-pressure medication and the young homemaker that’s bounced back from two babies in two years. They are those that have climbed Everest, but we’re all mountain climbers.” – Greg Glassman

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