At CrossFit Rowlett, our community is about encouragement—to set goals, meet them and then push yourself to the next level of fitness. Adding CrossFit to your life is just one part of what we’re all about. We’re committed to helping you become:



We want everyone at CrossFit Rowlett to be healthy physically, emotionally, mentally. So get ready to swap recipes for a new healthy side dish and be prepared to hear your community cheer you on in a heavy lift. 


Our coaches get to know you—and know when it’s time to push you to the next level. There’s no plateauing in CrossFit. You’ll soon find “stronger” correlating to areas of your life both inside and outside the gym.

More Active
After joining CrossFit, a lot of people find their hobbies shift from watching movies on the couch every weekend to running a 5k for fun. Our community is on the move most of the time. Join us for a weekend hike, a ski trip, a trip to the dog park.

More Balanced
Obsessions get us nowhere, but dedication does. We’re committed to embodying a holistic lifestyle that allows us to invest in the people who matter most in our lives.